InFocus AuditsWe offer competitive and well-priced audit fees based on the complexity of the Fund’s investments. We do not believe in charging based on the number of investments a Fund holds, as one Fund with hundreds of share investments will likely be quicker and easier to audit than a Fund with a few messy/ complex overseas investments or collectible assets. Nor do we believe in charging a percentage of the Fund’s value, as trustees should not be charged more simply because they have more money.

We divide SMSF’s into the following three categories and price accordingly:

Simple SMSFs :
Very basic/ few investments with minimal transactions or simple first-year Funds

Standard SMSFs :
Investments in shares and managed funds (irrespective of how many investments), clean/uncomplicated property investments

Complex :
Segregated funds, investments in related unit trusts or related companies, property investments with related party leases, overseas investments or collectible assets that are difficult to audit

Our fees can potentially be reduced based on the quality of the working papers provided by the Accounting Firm which in turn allows us to reduce the time and risk involved in our audit procedures.

Please contact us to discuss our pricing categories.